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Agency Ownership Program
Own your future!

Owning your own Ensurate agency is an amazing chance to create a successful business by providing protection to customers across multiple Iine of business. We work with our agents to grow a successful small business in a community that matters to you. Insurance is it's a must-have for many Americans, so the demand is always there making Ensurate agency ownership a lucrative business opportunity. Plus, when you own your own book of business and may do as you please. Sell, pass it down to family or maintain your stream of income.

10 reasons why you WILL want to explore becoming a Ensurate Inc. Agency owner:

1. Opportunity to run your own business
2. Ability to lead and develop your own team
3. Marketing and advertising support
4. Wide range of insurance, financial services
5. An opportunity that allows you control over your time

6. Higher compensations and bonuses
7. Own your own book of business
8. Ability to earn without caps and restrictions
9. Gain Access to over 40 Carriers day 1
10. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.


Ensurate Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.


We look for people who:

- Want to make a difference in people's lives
- Are looking for a career no a Job
- Want a life of significance
- Have entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to take control over one's time and financial   future


Seeking Candidates with:

- A fearless attitude toward prospecting new customers, networking and building          relationships
- Ability to organize, operate and assume the risk of running a business with a focus on    marketing and customer service
- Drive for achievement and financial rewards
- Strong ethics
- Proven success driving business results (not limited to insurance or financial services)
- Strong track record of professional success, ideally in external sales, business ownership management roles
- A strong presence in the local community
- Financial stability

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